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AC Gas Filling in Chennai

The lack of gas refrigerant in the AC (Freon) is the common reason behind AC not cooling properly. The coolant flows through the evaporator coil and cools the air moving over it, thereby sending the cool air into the room. And when the level of the coolant gets down, the AC is not able to cool properly. In many instances, the coolant leaks from the AC unit and the AC stops cooling. An AC repair professional should be called to check whether the level of coolant is sufficient in the cooling coils.

AC Gas Filling in Chennai

AC gas refill service

The AC repair technician accurately check the refrigerant level in the AC unit with the help of a pressure gauge. If the level of coolant is found below normal, the professional suggests you a refill according to the requirement.

To begin the coolant refill, AC unit needs to be shut down. After that, gauge hoses are connected to the pressure port of the AC unit. Then the AC unit is turned on and allowed to run for 10 minutes so that it can attain a stable state of operation. After this, the valves of the coolant container (with container in the vertical position) is linked to the AC unit. The AC unit can draw coolant now.

Reasons for AC gas Leakage

Manufacturing defect

It is not necessary that manufacturing process is always 100% free of errors. There are many joints and welds in the AC unit that could cause a leak if they are not made with high accuracy. If there is manufacturing defect in the unit, leakage will happen during the early stages of use and therefore can be fixed up under warranty period

Incorrect installation

The most important part of AC installation is making flare nut connections and bending the copper pipes, which are the most common sites of coolant leak. In order to avoid the leakage, flare nuts must be sealed with Teflon tape while the copper pipes should be bent through a tube bender.

Regular wear and tear

Air Conditioners are pressurized units and with time bolts and nuts can become weak.

Types of AC gases

All air conditioners don't work with a common refrigerant. Here are some of the common refrigerants used in air conditioners:

R410A gas - also known as Puron (brand name). This gas is used in all the latest air conditioners now. It is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) and does not deplete the ozone layer.

R22 gas - also known as Freon (brand name). It is a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), therefore has a potential of ozone layer depletion. R22 is used in 50-60% air conditioners in India as of now.

R290 gas - It is a hydrocarbon refrigerant. It is the most eco-friendly coolant available in India for the air conditioners. R290 has no impact on the ozone layer. R290 is energy efficient. But it is highly flammable.

Important guidelines for AC gas filling

Before the refrigerant filling process starts, it is always recommended to see if the air filters are clean and evaporator coil are free from dirt. If they are not dirt free, AC will not be able to cool properly even after the coolant recharge.

Check for any obstructions inside the AC unit like loose or broken parts.

Ensure that evaporator and condenser fan function properly. If any of them is not working fine, AC won’t be able to cool effectively.

Inspect the AC unit and see if there is any leakage in the coils. Leaks are usually found around joints and connections.

Hire us for AC gas refilling needs.


    AC Gas filling Service Charges in chennai

    AC serviceCharges
    AC Uninstallation 750
    AC Uninstallation & Installation 2300
    Window AC Uninstallation 600
    AC Gas Filling/Refilling (Get quote) 0
    Duct AC and Cassette AC (Per visit Inspection charge) 499
    AC Deep Cleaning Service 1499
    Window AC Uninstallation and Installation 1500
    Window AC Installation 1200
    AC Installation 1800
    AC General Cleaning Service 499
    AC Repair & Service (Per visit Inspection charge) 149

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    What is the AC service cost in Chennai?

    AC service cost vary based on problem, for AC installation, uninstallation, general service and deep cleaning we provide fixed price on the website for AC repair we can provide quote after inspect the AC unit. Find the complete AC service charges.

    AC serviceCharges
    AC Uninstallation₹ 750
    AC Uninstallation & Installation₹ 2300
    Window AC Uninstallation₹ 600
    AC Gas Filling/Refilling (Get quote)₹ 0
    Duct AC and Cassette AC (Per visit Inspection charge)₹ 499
    AC Deep Cleaning Service₹ 1499
    Window AC Uninstallation and Installation₹ 1500
    Window AC Installation₹ 1200
    AC Installation₹ 1800
    AC General Cleaning Service₹ 499
    AC Repair & Service (Per visit Inspection charge)₹ 149

    Do you service all kind of ACs?

    We service following AC types

    • Inverter AC
    • Non-inverter AC
    • Split AC
    • Window AC

    How much do you charge for AC general service?

    We charge Rs.499 for AC general service and Rs.1499 for AC deep cleaning.

    How much do you charge for AC Installation?

    We charge Rs.1,800 for AC installation per unit and Rs.2,300 for both uninstallation and installation.

    How much do you charge for AC Uninstallation?

    We charge Rs.750 for AC uninstallation per unit.

    Do you provide warranty?

    Yes, we provide 30 days warranty for all appliance repair and service.

    What is inspection charge?

    If you are availing the service, no inspection charge only pay the service charge, Incase not availing the service you have to pay the inspection charge of Rs.149

    Do you accept online payment?

    Yes, you can pay online with multiple payment modes credit / debit card, netbanking, etc…

    Do you have customer support helpline?

    Yes, you can reach our customer support 8 AM to 8 PM on all seven days 044 4011 4081 .

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